Easy reader series

Stephen Krashen has said it many times: reading series of novels is an enjoyable and efficient way to improver your language skills fast. In a book series, you obtain repeated exposure to words, phrases and other language elements in a natural way, because the subject of the books remains more or less the same. And as we all know, repetition is necessary for new information to anchor in the brain.

A series of novels allows you to read more, more easily. You don't need to become acquainted with new characters, a new setting or a new topic every time. You can simply go with the flow. And it is this 'flow' that is essential for pleasure reading. When we enjoy reading, we want to read more. And reading more will make us acquire the language better and sooner. So what are you waiting for? Choose a series and start reading!

Molenstraat series

Nieuwe Vrienden series

Qui parle français series