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Annemieke Woudt

Author of the series Nieuwe Vrienden

Annemieke Woudt is a teacher of Dutch as a Second Language. In her classes, she makes up stories with her (mostly adult) students and reads comprehensible novels with them. Annemieke is also an author of children's books and several non-fiction publications. She recently published a biographie: Zaans Groen | Mooie dingen in een lelijke tijd.


At this moment, she dedicates herself not only to teaching, but also to writing easy readers for language learners. Annemieke writes cute, accessible stories about daily life. Her characters are immigrants and Dutch people, and the stories seem simple but are multi-layered in a manner you don't often find in easy readers. Don't expect drum rolls and grand drama, however you'll enjoy the many touching details, psychological insight and a nice surprise every now and then.

Listen to Annemieke telling you about her work:

How Annemieke became an author

The story behind Annemieke's series Nieuwe Vrienden

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