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It is the year 1924. In the sleepy village of Grafenhausen situated in the middle of the Black Forest in southern Germany, the first World War has passed by almost unnoticed. 

Now, however, strange things happen in the village. Or rather at the edge of it, where an old hotel is situated, which has been run by the same family for generations. This big, old, dilapidated hotel happens to be the perfect refuge for creatures and people who in the modern world are nothing more than myths and fairytales. In the daytime everything appears to be normal, but during the night the hotel unexpectedly comes to life and every morning at breakfast it is a guess as to how many of the guests have survived the night.


Hotel Grafenhausen is based on the werewolves or mafia game, with additions that make it perfect for use in the language class.

Het spannendste spel voor de talenles!