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What makes Arcos books special?

Making language learning as easy and natural as possible, that is the focus for all publications of Arcos Publishers. That is why we base our easy readers on the idea of comprehensible input: the only way you can acquire a language in a natural way is through understanding what you read and hear in that language. 

Arcos novels connect people to the world

People who acquire a new language learn more than just language skills. We also learn to understand the lives and habits of another culture. We need stories to gain insight into the countries where the language is spoken, and to understand and connect to the people who live in those countries: stories about people in their own environment; about travellers who visit the country or newcomers who are learning how to get around; and stories about historical characters that you may encounter in street names, movies, or books. All these stories enhance our understanding and empathy for cultures that are different from our own. 

Arcos novels connect people to people

Even in the simplest readers, the psychology of the characters is realistic and layered, so that it is easy for the reader to connect to them and relate events and emotions to their own lives and experiences. Arcos stories are mostly positive and light, using a mild humor which allows for more serious topics to be treated while still maintaining a positive feel. Furthermore, our novel collection embraces an inclusive approach, offering positive role models from different cultures, genders, ages, and abilities.


Arcos novels connect people to the language

Reading stories in a new language not only creates connections between language and daily life, culture, emotions, prior knowledge, and experience, but also enhances language acquisition. For us to acquire new language, repeated exposure to words and language structures is essential. That is why every single word that appears in Arcos novels is repeated at least 4 times (and often more) in the course of the story. Readers recognise these words with increasing ease with each encounter, thus creating space in their minds to understand a greater variety of sentence structures. Even in beginner level novels, readers comprehend more complex sentences when the words are easily recognisable, helping them become more agile with the language as they read.

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