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Our authors

Marianne de Best.jpg

Marianne teaches Dutch as a second language at an international school, and writes comprehensible stories and easy readers for children. Read more..


Titia is a teacher of Russians and of Dutch as a second language. She writes easy readers and short stories for language learners. Read more... 

Charlotte Dincher_portret.jpg

Author of: Lost in London

Charlotte is a teacher of English and of Chemistry in Germany. Her students are her inspiration when she writes stories and novels for language learners. Read more...

Betty Huitema.jpeg

Robertha is a teacher of Dutch as a second language, and of Italian. She wrote several grammar handbooks and comprehensible easy readers. Read more...


Carla is a French teacher and a versatile author. She wrote 100 mini biographies about French speaking personalities. Read more...

J Bond headshot.jpg

Jason is a teacher of Gaelic and also gives mindfulness trainings. He specializes in rewriting folk tales for language learners. Read more..

Jobi Photo.jpg

Author of the series La Pucelle

Jobi is a teacher of French and acrobatics. She loves history and is writing a series of novels about Joan of Arc. Read more... 

Ghislaine_De Groot_MR-9751.jpeg

Ghislaine is author of detective novels and easy readers for language learners. She also works as a freelance copywriter. Read more...


Author of: Limo

Ineke is journalist and writer, and has a special relation with animals. Read more...

Annemieke Woudt.jpg

Author of: Nieuwe vrienden

Annemieke is a teacher of Dutch as a second language, but used to work as an author of children's books. She has now returned to that profession. Read more...

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