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Carla Tarini

Author of the series Qui parle français ?

In the nineteen-eighties, Carla lived in the South of France for four years, after which she moved back to the US and started working as a French teacher. She has been a very engaged teacher ever since. Carla believes that every student has an innate ability to acquire a second language, and has committed herself to teaching with comprehensible input. She has infused her classroom with the humor and trust that are key to successful language acquisition.

The combination of teaching and writing is an ideal way to bring her passion for French and Francophone cultures to life. The mini-biographies she wrote for the Qui parle français ? series is a good example. She started creating them in response to the need of her students for short, interesting and accessible reading materials. Since she started writing, she has stocked her classroom with with several hundred carefully tailored, humorous and cultural stories for her students' reading pleasure.

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