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French easy readers

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La Pucelle series

Author: Jobi Dan'Sy

Series of three novels about the life of Joan of Arc. It was written especially for French learners at an intermediate-high to advanced level. With a rich but still manageable vocabulary, these short novels make French language and history easily accessible to learners. Enjoy reading!

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QPF 1 cover.jpeg

Author: Carla Tarini

Boost your French skills effortlessly, efficiently and enjoyably! 

Written in easy, accessible French, the Qui parle français? books offer you the ideal entry into la francophonie– the French-speaking world. 

Here is what makes the Qui parle français? series so accessible:

  • Present tense 

  • High frequency verbs

  • 350-450 unique words per book

  • Recognizable cognates (words similar in meaning and spelling to English words) 

  • Complete glossary

  • Six maps of the French-speaking world 

  • Beautiful, detailed illustrations 

  • 10 books written at the same level


Read to acquire and perfect your French.  

The Qui parle français ? books are designed for pleasure reading. Reading for pleasure, whether at home, on a beach or in the classroom, is one of the best ways to increase vocabulary and retain structures.  Reading in French should not feel like a struggle; it should feel as easy and natural as possible. Each of the ten books in the series will provide you with highly comprehensible and compelling readings and a fully enjoyable reading experience.


Cultural topics meet the needs of advanced learners.

Although written to be comprehensible to beginning French learners, the complex themes encourage readers to reflect on the intersection of culture, language, race, politics and gender.  For older or more advanced students, these books will become a springboard to deeper inquiry. Such learners will naturally engage in thought-provoking discussions at higher levels of discourse. 


Teachers can use the Qui parle français ? books in all their classes.

Simply by tailoring discussions, activities and homework, teachers can use the series with 6th graders as well as college students and adults. Teachers who use the Comprehensible Input (CI) approach will immediately see the connections to popular CI techniques, such as Special Person Interviews, Picture Talk, Movie Talk, Story Listening, Story Asking, Free Voluntary Reading and more. 

Whether you are an independent lover of French language and cultures, a French student, or a French teacher, the Qui parle français ? series will provide hours of discovery and enjoyable language input.

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