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Boeiend en Begrijpelijk

Een motiverend leesprogramma voor het vreemde-talenonderwijs

€ 27,95

Auteur: Bryce Hedstrom

ISBN 9789490824853

Dutch translation of Hi-impact Reading Strategies

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TPRS in een jaar

€ 24,95

Author: Ben Slavic

ISBN 9789490824716

Dutch translation of TPRS in a year! 

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Teaching English through Action

€ 29,95

Author: Berty Segal Cook and Kirstin Plante

ISBN: 9789490824297

Total Physical Response (TPR) opens the door to a dynamic, comprehensible-input-driven language acquisition experience. Once used as a curriculum in and of itself, in this new edition, Teaching English through Action can also be an element of a broader comprehension-based language program. In this extensive TPR manual, calls to movement and action provide the linguistic input we know the brain needs to acquire language, as well as the physical activity we know the brain needs to maintain focus.  As an added benefit, this movement helps connect language to meaning through muscular memory.

Starting with simple commands, high frequency language, and common classroom and household themes, the 10 units in Teaching English through Action guide teachers through the use of ever more complex structures and ever more elaborate and interactive situations. For example, teachers give commands and students perform the actions; teachers ask questions about the actions and students respond; students give commands to each other; teachers and students talk about what they will do, what they are doing, and what they have just done. Listening leads to action; speaking in the target language follows naturally.

Teaching English through Action is a comprehensive guide to the TPR approach to teaching and acquiring English for beginning and intermediate students of any age. It provides:

  1. A revised introduction that describes the origins of Total Physical Response and places TPR in the context of second language acquisition theory and comprehension-based communicative language teaching in the 21st century.

  2. An overview of the book’s basic lesson structure. 

  3. A set of 102 complete lesson plans, spiraling from listening/receptive lessons to plans that encourage speaking/expressive participation by learners; and from simple verb-object commands to compound sentences using various tenses.

  4. Lessons which are divided into ten thematic units, containing key vocabulary for a variety of common situations. Each unit includes: 

  • A list of target vocabulary that will be taught via commands in the lessons of the unit.

  • An overview of what’s new in the unit: new types of structures, new levels of interaction with learners, new skills and activities to enhance the lessons.

  • Daily lesson plans with a step-by-step detailing of commands, so you can have them at your fingertips.

  • Side notes with tips and suggestions for particular situations.

  • A review lesson or Unit test, including a reproducible grid to record mastery.


Enjoy teaching English through action!

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Storytelling voor het talenonderwijs

€ 28,95

Auteur: Blaine Ray en Contee Seely

ISBN 9789490824037


De Nederlandse bewerking van hét handboek voor TPRS, dat ook wel de "TPRS-bijbel" wordt genoemd, omdat "iedere TPRS-docent dit boek op zijn nachtkastje moet hebben liggen"(Susan Gross).

Dit handboek geeft een gedetailleerde uitleg en veel voorbeelden van alle basistechnieken en achtergronden van TPR Storytelling, zowel op beginnersniveau als voor gevorderde taalleerders.

Lees de recensie uit Levende Talen Magazine!


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The BIG CI Book frontside.jpeg
The Big CI Book

€ 39,95

Author: Ben Slavic

ISBN: 9789490824174


A Step by Step Survival Guide for Foreign Language Teachers. It vastly expands on the skills and strategies we currently have available to us in TPRS/CI instruction. Ben says: "This is my best book. It puts all my thoughts and knowledge about teaching using comprehensible input into one place. I just wish I had it with me when I first started my career as a language teacher."

The book describes in detail twenty-seven strategies, many of which are new, as well as fourteen skills. The 376 pages full of vastly expanded and new material will greatly help teachers because of the level of detail presented in the discussion of those strategies and skills.

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Big CI
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