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Russian easy readers

We are working on a series of easy readers for beginning and intermediate learners of Russian. With limited vocabulary and a strong focus on high frequent language structures, these short novels make the beautiful Russian language easily accessible to learners. Enjoy reading!



€ 9,95

Author: Michele Whaley

Illustrator: Scott Clendaniel

ISBN 9789490824679


Russian easy reader for advanced beginners. The true story of Lena and Arsen, who defied all prejudices and decided to choose their own path.

Lena and Arsen come from opposite sides of the Soviet Union, yet they have a similar problem: their parents want to guide their lives. In fact, everyone around them interferes with their blossoming happiness as Lena and Arsen struggle to find their own path in life.


The book contains a full glossary Russian-English.

Where to buy

This book is available at

And in many other online bookstores.


This book is also available as an Ebook (ISBN 9789490824686), in your preferred Ebook store.

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