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Jason Bond

Author of the series Learn Gaelic with Folk Tales

Hailing from Maine, USA, Jason Bond was drawn to the Celtic languages through an interest in folklore. This road led to Nova Scotia, where he studied both Celtic Studies and Education at St. Francis Xavier University. Jason has been teaching Gàidhlig since 2010, in Scotland, Europe, North America, and beyond. He is passionate about sharing Gaelic culture through Gaelic, not English.

His love for folk tales expresses itself in the retellings he writes for people who are learning Gaelic. In very simple and poetic language he recreates old folk tales, with a wee modern twist here and there. As he says it in the preface to Deirdre agus an Rìgh: "I read these stories differently now. The influence of Romanticism makes me bristle – the women in these stories often need rescuing or are moments away from collapsing in tears. What a disservice to Celtic women! I have nothing against expressing feelings, and certainly we can all use some help from time to time. However, as we know, women don’t need men to change their lives for them. The Celtic women I’ve met are strong and bold - I wouldn’t want to get on their bad side! Why would the famous Deidre be any different? To that end, my portrayal of Deidre is different from the original sources. Things don’t end happily ever after but I hope that she is seen as much more than a weepy, helpless trophy wife."

Besides teaching language and writing, Jason also gives mindfulness trainings. Find out more about Jason at:

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