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Kinga Wieczorek

Illustrates the series Nieuwe Vrienden

Kinga Wieczorek was born and raised in Poland, and has been interested in art ever since she was a child.

In elementary school she started painting, and in the nineties she had her own art column in the magazine ‘Glos Zbaszynia’. She graduated cum laude at the Arts Academy in Poland and had her first exposition in a bunker from the Second World War in Zbaszyn, in 2006.

Her art has travelled around the world, and Kinga has landed in The Netherlands, where she paints, has expositions and teaches painting classes. In her work, she uses several different techniques, like oil paint, acryl paint, dry pastel, ink, pencil and even nail polish. In Zaandam, where she lives, she founded Galery Blauw ('Blue') and she is part of the board of directors of the Tengel Foundation, the artists' platform of Zaandam.

For Arcos, Kinga illustrates the series Nieuwe vrienden with expressive watercolor painings.

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